Pogo-6 Compatibility

Intended audience: developers, Programming language: c++, java, python

This application is supposed to be able to re-load a class generated with a Pogo-6.x application. If Pogo-6.x can load it, Pogo is also able to load it. Open the XXXX.h file.


It will try to insert your own code at right place. Of course all cases cannot be tested:

  • Something could be missing (test your server before other modication)

  • Sometimes it could fail and do not insert part of code.

When it load an old project it will propose:


The code insertion is available only for C++. If code insertion fails, or for Python and Java, generate class only and add your code by copy/paste action.

For C++

If insertion works and compilation fails, most of the time it is due to:

  • Declaration duplicated (one by generator, one by code insertion).

  • For writable attribute, in write_MyAttribute method, the attr.get_write_value() method management has changed. It is now returned in a local variable. Your old global variable does not exist any more (it is not necessary to be global in 99% of cases). It now local and named w_val.

  • Take care in dev_state() and dev_status() methods if you override the default.

Of course a class generated by this Pogo version is not able to be re-loaded by Pogo-6.x.x application.