Astor Configuration

Intended audience: administrators, developers

Astor can be configured using the following window. Click on File ‣ Ctrl System Preferences menu to open



To disable the Preference menu, start Astor with -DNO_PREF=true.

Control system name

This name will be displayed on top of Astor main window.

It could be useful when user has to manage several control systems.

Default window sizes

Hosts tree Width/Height defines the preferred size for the tree object in main window.

Host window Width/Height defines default maximum size for host window.

If the number of hosts needs a bigger window, scroll bars will be added.

Last Collections

Hosts can be distributed in families.

In the tree, the families are sorted by alphabetic order.

The property LastCollections give the possibility put collections (families) at the end of the tree.

It could be useful to put at the end of the tree, families like Not Critical, In Test, …

Additional html pages

The property HtmlHelps give the possibility to add specific html pages. This is a string array property.

  • The first line is the message displayed in help menu.

  • The second one is the URL address for the specified page.

The following example add a link to the Tango device servers pages:


Additional java Tools

The property Tools give the possibility to add java class to tools menu. These additional tools could be specific for one control system This is a string array property.

One tool (java class) is defined by two strings:

  • The first line is the message displayed in tools menu.

  • The second one is the class (and package) to be instancied.

The following example add 3 java tools used on ESRF machine control system for TACO HDB:



  • The tools java classes need to have a constructor with a JFrame parameter as parent.

  • It needs also to not to exit if it has been instancied from a parent application.

  • The tools class or jar file needs to be found in $CLASSPATH of Astor startup.


This property give a list of TANGO_HOST to be controlled by Astor. The TANGO_HOST can be changed by typing a new name but the specified list will be available in a combo box.


This property give the possibility to change the default remote loggin command. The default command is telnet (or rlogin if RloginUser is defined).


This property gives the possibility to set the remote loggin to the specified user.

Jive in READ_ONLY mode

If this property is true the Jive application will be instancied in READ_ONLY mode. If the property is not set or false, Jive is in READ_WRITE mode.

Starter starts servers at startup

This boolean property allows the Starter to start the device servers when it starts.

If it is false, the starter will not start any server when it will be launched.

It could be useful when a large control system is re-started (e.g. after an electrical power cut) to do not overload the Tango database.