Welcome to Tango Controls documentation!

How this documentation is organized

The documentation is organized in the following categories (some of them overlap):

  • First steps will lead you through a beginning with Tango Controls. This category includes an overview of Tango Controls concepts, procedures for installation and starting the system as well as Getting started tutorials.
  • Developer’s Guide provides description of API and information for Developers needed for development of Device Servers and client applications.
  • Administration section is important mainly for System Administrators. However, it may provide some information for both End Users and Developers, too. It contains useful information on Tango Controls system deployment, startup and maintenance.
  • Tools and extensions. Tango comes with lot of command line, graphical toolkits and programming tools for its management, developing graphical applications and connecting with other systems and applications. All, End Users, Developers and System Adminstrators should look there for toolkits’ manuals.
  • Tutorials and HOWTOs give step by step guidance and teach you how to work with Tango Controls.
  • Table of Contents provides access to all documents.
  • If you want to contribute to the documentation please read the document How to work with Tango Controls documentation.