Tango Access Control (TAC) Configuration

Intended audience: administrators, developers

TANGO provides an access control (see The Tango controlled access system)

TAC Configuration Tool:

Astor provides a tool to configure it. This tool is reserved to the TANGO administrator and needs a password to be opened.


Configure TAC by IP address and user:

User list is displayed in a tree under groups.

To configure you can Add/Remove a user and its group.

And define this user rights.


  • All Users:

    Have only read access for all devices

  • User opid02

    Has write access only for devices

    • fe/id/2

    • id/id/2

    • sys/hdb-push/*

    and only for clients running on machines with IP address as xxx.yyy.22.*

Configure TAC for allowed commands:


The access control allows Write access or Read Only access. The Read Only access means:

  • Read only device attributes.

  • Cannot write device attributes.

  • Cannot execute commands (a command could be a write action).

Some commands could be a simple read action. For instance on Dserver class, the command QueryDevice does not write anything and returns the device list. This class is needed to establish a connection between a client and a device, and it is useful even if user is in read only access. This tool provide a list of allowed commands for a specified class. You can add or reove class by a right click menu.