Start a new server with Astor

Intended audience: administrators, developers

If the server is already defined in database

  • Be sure that a Starter device server is running on the same host. If there is no Starter running, start it.

  • On Astor main window, click on the host to open host window. On this window, click on Start New button.

  • A window with a list of all servers defined in TANGO database will be displayed.


  • Select the expected server and click on Start server button.

  • And configure Controlled by Astor and Startup Level.


If the server is NOT already defined in database

  • You can declare the server in database using Jive.

  • Or click on Create New Server button to start the wizard.

If the server has been started from shell

The default startup level is not set and the server is not controlled by Astor.

That means that it does not appear in host window.

To see it click open Not Controlled level. And change it startup level if needed.