Waltz (ex. TangoWebapp) installation tutorial (Windows)

Intended audience: developers, administrators, Programming language: java, javascript

Contributed by Florian Pourchayre

  1. Download Apache Tomcat 8 and install it to C:/apache-tomcat-8. To verify that it got installed successfully, try to go to

  2. Download the latest rest-server.jar unzip and put it in C:/apache-tomcat-8/webapps

  3. Follow the .jar installation on rest-server Wiki (it is assumed below tango host is localhost:20000 i.e.

TANGO_ACCESS –> tango://
TANGO_DB –> tango://
  1. Export DatabaseDS, and load it to create a TangoAccessControl server (For this step, you will need to update “database” by “tangoAccessControl”).

  1. On jive, click on edit, then create free property named “CtrlSystem”. Then go to property (last tab), click on CtrlSystem, add a new property named “Services” with the value AccessControl/tango:sys/access_control/1

  2. Download the latest TangoWebapp.war on then put it to C://apache-tomcat-8/webapp (When TomCat starts it creates a TangoWebapp folder).

  3. define a tomcat user in C://apache-tomcat-8/conf:

<role rolename="mtango-user"/>
<role rolename="mtango-rest"/>
<user password="tango" roles="mtango-rest, root, manager-script,admin" username="tango-cs"/>
  1. Go to $Tango_home/bin and launch with a command line TangoAccessControl.exe 1

  2. Go to C:/apache-tomcat-8/webapp and launch mtangorest.server with a command line e.g. java -jar -DTANGO_HOST= rest-server-1.8.jar test

  3. Open Jive, then open an atk panel on TangoControlAccess DS, then test device, and execute the AddDeviceForUser command with [“tango-cs”,”sys/database/2”, “write”] as parameter. Also, add a new environment variable name SUPER_TANGO with the value true. Then go on Astor, tool and open AccessControl HMI. Add ..*.* as allowed address for the user tango-cs.

  4. Try your rest-server instance by the URL : (enter username: tango-cs, password : tango if necessary).

  5. Time to try the tango webapp. try to go to the URL : Get logged, then at the top enter as rest host : (http:// is important), and as host : $Tango_host. Then refresh the page via CTRL+F5. You should have an access to the devices tree.