Matlab & Octave

Intended audience: developers, users

  • Client API for Matlab and Octave

  • Release 2.0.6 for Matlab >= R2009b or Octave >= 3.6.2

  • Runs on Windows and Linux

  • Provides 64 bits support on both platforms
    • the 32 bits mode is still available on Linux but could be abandoned in a near future

  • Binary distribution 2.0.6 for Windows x86
    • tested with Matlab R2009b

  • Binary distribution 3.1.0 for Windows x64
    • tested with Matlab R2016b

    • this release contains a major change - see the README file for details

  • Source code available on GitHub
    • please visit the MathWorks web site in order to identify the official gcc version associated with your Matlab version