10 things you should know about CORBA

Intended audience: developers, Programming language: all

  1. You don’t need to know CORBA to work with TANGO

  2. CORBA is the acronym for Common Object Request Broker Architecture and it is a standard defined by the Object Management Group (OMG)

  3. CORBA enables communication between software written in different languages and running on different computers

  4. CORBA applications are composed of many objects; objects are running software that provides functionalities and that can represent something in the real world

  5. Every object has a type which is defined with a language called IDL (Interface Definition Language)

  6. An object has an interface and an implementation: this is the essence of CORBA because it allows interoperability.

  7. CORBA allows an application to request an operation to be performed by a distributed object and for the results of the operation to be returned back to the application making the request.

  8. CORBA is based on a Remote Procedure Call model

  9. The TANGO Device is a CORBA Object

  10. The TANGO Device Server is a CORBA Application