Intended audience: beginners, all

The Tango ecosystem offers a rich ecosystem for developers and clients alike. The ecosystem is best appreciated via these maps which show what exists and where it is situated in the software stack. Use the map key to understand the colour code used.

Tango is a developers toolkit. There are many libraries and tools for implemented device clients and servers. Refer to the developers guide map for a quick overview.

Tango is designed to run small and large systems. In order to facilitate managing large systems a number of administrative tools are provided. Refer to the administrators map for a quick overview.

All control systems need to be able archive data so they can look back at past data. Tango comes with a number of archiving solutions. Refer to the archiving map for a quick overview.

In addition to the rich Python, C++ and Java api’s for Tango a number of other languages can be used with the help of one of the many bindings for Tango. Refer to the bindings map for a quick overview of the known bindings.