Known issues

Intended audience: developers

Tango 9

Some of these issues are solved using EnsureOmniThread context manager on Tango >=9.4

Unable to launch Jive/DatabaseDS on a linux laptop without network enabled

  • known workaround: Set TANGO_HOST= (local loopback).

Creating/Destroying device proxies on event_received hooks may cause deadlock

  • known workaround: Avoid creating/destroying proxies outside of the main thread.

Setting event properties for state/string/boolean attributes will crash device server init

  • known workaround: Cleanup tango database from event config properties for the device before restart.

Pushing attributes outside of main device server thread may fail

  • known workaround: Attribute pushing should be preferably done from read_attribute, always_executed_hook, read_attr_hardware or any device command executed from the main server thread.

Pushing attributes events on read_$attribute method after setting attr_value may crash the device

  • known workaround: attr.set_value() must be called after push_change_event, otherwise device will crash.

Pushing attributes within other attributes read_attribute methods may cause deadlock

  • known workaround: Push events for commands or own read_attribute method only.

Tango 8