Virtual Machine

Intended audience: developers, administrators, users

The purpose of the TANGO Box Virtual Machine is to give you a fast, out-of-the-box experience of a working TANGO system. There is a set of shortcuts to all essential TANGO tools on the virtual machine desktop. Together with the introductory video and user manual, that allow you to experience the power and elegance of a fully configured TANGO system with all the latest tools first hand. After this “guided tour” of the TANGO system, TANGO Box is an excellent tool to make further explorations on your own, to use it for demonstration purposes, to make studies, proof-of-concepts and even production ready systems.

This way, out of this virtual box, another great, sophisticated control system for the real world can be born!

TangoBox 10.3

Previous versions

Previous versions are available below.

TangoBox 9.3

Minimum Requirements

  • 2vCPU

  • 2GB (preferred 4GB) RAM

  • 30GB of disk space

TangoBox 9.3 on the Amazon cloud

The TangoBox 9.3 release is also available as an AMI image on the AWS (Ireland region). The related AMI-ID is:


Please refer to Amazon Cloud.

TangoBox 9.2

Elder versions


Read the manual to know more.

We recommend the following videos about TANGO which will help you learn more about TANGO Controls.

TangoBoxVM Intro Movie from Tango Controls on Vimeo.