TANGO devices and database are implemented using the TANGO device server model.
To access them the user has the CORBA interface e.g. command_inout(),
write_attributes() etc. defined by the idl file. These methods are very
low-level and assume a good working knowledge of CORBA. In order to simplify
this access, high-level api in C++, Python and Java have been implemented which
hides all CORBA aspects of TANGO.
In order to simplify device server process administration, a device of the
DServer class is automatically added to each device server process. Thus, every
device server process supports the same set of administration commands. The
implementation of this DServer class follows the device pattern and therefore,
its device behaves like any other devices. The device name is:
dserver/device server executable name/device server instance name
Communication Layer (CORBA / ZMQ)
LabView Device
LabView API
LabView Connector
LabView GUI
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